The Pacific Alliance: a new opportunity

On 30 September 2014, it will take place the first seminar organized by the Chamber focused on the Topic The Pacific Alliance.

Sponsored by Credit Suisse

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The Latin American Chamber of Commerce together with Credit Suisse and Switzerland Global Enterprise invites participants to a seminar on the Pacific Alliance, in which some of the most dynamic and most open Latin American economies have joined forces in a new regional bloc, consisting of a free trade agreement between Chile, Colombia, and Peru in South America and Mexico in North America.

Since its inception in June 2012, the Pacific Alliance has achieved remarkable success. The member countries are characterized by high potential for growth, low inflation and a positive business environment. Some of these economies are small; for them, the Pacific Alliance means significant economies of scale that will increase their attractiveness for investors.

In our event, the experts will provide information on business opportunities for Swiss companies in the countries of the Pacific Alliance. In addition, companies that are already successfully operating in these markets will share their experiences.