Who We Are

Latin American countries offer a wide range of attractive business opportunities. A large part of their huge economic potential is still untapped. Over the last century, Swiss business has developed a strong presence in Latin America. In turn, Latin American business is just about to discover Switzerland’s advantages as a market and a location in Europe. An extensive network of centuries-old family ties and personal bonds of friendship between Latin America and Switzerland and a wide range of longstanding close commercial, industrial and financial relations form a particularly favourable framework for further prosperous business between Latin America and Switzerland.

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland (LATCAM) is a private, non-profit business organization, headquartered in Zurich, committed to the promotion of economic relations between Latin America and Switzerland. LATCAM has around 100 members — mainly large, mid-size and small companies in a cross-section of industries in Switzerland and with interests or business operations in Latin America. The Chamber maintains close contact the with Swiss Federal Authorities and their agencies (e.g. Swiss Business Hubs in Latin America), Latin American Embassies in Switzerland and Swiss Embassies in Latin America as well as with Swiss bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Latin America.

The Chamber covers all of Latin America. Its main focus is on Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina with additional special attention to Mercosur and the Andean Pact. It provides services to diversify and broaden the flow of relevant information and help you be more competitive and profitable. With its conferences, webinars, round-table talks and networking events featuring prominent and highly successful personalities from Latin America’s and Switzerland’s public and private sectors, the Chamber has become the principal business information platform on Latin America and for Latin Americans in Switzerland.

Since 2020, LATCAM is a member of the Association of International Chambers of Commerce (AICC), which is based in Geneva. This membership provides the LATCAM community occasional opportunities to meet and network outside of the Latin American spectrum. Events with eminent speakers organized by the member chambers of the AICC, will mostly take place in the Greater Geneva region.

Since 2021, LATCAM is pleased to provide office services to the the Parliamentary Friendship Group Switzerland-Latin America.

Our Mission

LATCAM’s mission is to serve the Swiss business community by providing the following:

  • Forum for exchange and discussion about knowledge, experience and opportunities relating to Latin America with a particular focus on providing added value for our members

  • Platform for launching and sustaining initiatives targeting the development of economic relations between Switzerland and Latin America in close cooperation with our main partner Switzerland Global Enterprise and other network partners

  • Interface to the Swiss Federal Authorities with regards to the situation and development of economic relations between Switzerland and Latin America

  • Source of information on economic facts and opportunities in Latin America through the organization of meaningful and appealing events or webinars for our members and constituents and through regular electronic publicizing of relevant content on our website, digital channels and social media

  • Landing stage for Latin American companies and professionals in Switzerland

Our Services

  • Program of virtual and offline events on current and recurring topics with prominent speakers from the Americas and Switzerland

  • Organization of meetings with Latin American public figures visiting Switzerland

  • Contribution to strengthen the relations between Switzerland and Latin America by defining and implementing an up-to-date business agenda

  • Providing first-hand and value-added information on Latin America relevant to our member community

  • Networking opportunities with business professionals from all corporate sectors active in Latin America

  • Possibility to meet with Latin American Ambassadors during LATCAM events

Our Team


Ramon M. Esteve
ECOM Agroindustrial
(Member of the Executive Committee)


Linda Walker von Graffenried
(Member of the Executive Committee)


Vice President
Gabriela Lippe-Holst

Acqupart Holding AG
(Member of the Executive Committee)


Andrea Covini

Zurich Insurance Company
(Member of the Executive Committee)


Sarah Gloor
Bank Julius Baer Co. Ltd.


Arturo Stöcklin
Bank Vontobel AG

LinkedIn profile

Jorge Fernández Amann
Credit Suisse Group


Sandra Righetti
Mercantil Bank (Schweiz)

LinkedIn profile

Matthias Schupp


Laurent Freixe
Nestlè SA


Andrés Graziosi
Novartis AG

LinkedIn profile

Rolf E. Hönger 


Nuno Silva
Swiss Life Global Solutions

LinkedIn profile

Andreas Berger 
Swiss Re


Matthias Musch


Rene Flunser
Zürcher Kantonalbank

LinkedIn profile

Carlos E. Represas



Thomas Först
Switzerland Global Enterprise


Hervé Lohr
State Secretariate of Economic Relations, Education and Research (SECO)


Dr. Philippe G. Nell
Honorary Ambassador of LATCAM
(Member of the Executive Committee)



Tatjana Gaspar
Managing Director
(Member of the Executive Committee)


Articles of Association

  • LATCAM Statuten (Revision 2021)

  • LATCAM Articles of Association (revision 2021)

LATCAM Memberships

  • Since 2020, LATCAM is a member of the Association of International Chambers of Commerce (AICC), based in Geneva. Events organized by the AICC members will mostly take place in the Greater Geneva Region and aim at bringing together the corporate members of different bilateral and multilateral Chambers of Commerce in Switzerland for productive networking around a business conference with an eminent speaker. Planned events will be publicized in News, through mailings to our community and on our LinkedIn site.

    Members of the AICC are: