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LATCAM welcomes the new Ambassador of Uruguay in Switzerland


Ramon Esteve, Linda Walker, Manfred Ebling, Dr. Philippe G. Nell and Tatjana Gaspar spoke in a video call with H.E. Ambassador Alfredo Raggio Lafone of Uruguay.

The purpose was to officially welcome the Ambassador in our community, establish a personal contact, present the Chamber with its stakeholders, business-related activities and opportunities, but also to hear from the Ambassador about his views and expectations in the near future.

Uruguay has an egalitarian society with a large middle class, a high level of professional formality and high income per capita, a strong political tradition and stable legal framework. During the pandemic, the country was well positioned to face the challenges of online learning with every school child being equipped with a laptop. Several industry sectors, in particular trade, manufacturing and construction, are already demonstrating that they are on the path of recovery. GDP in the 3rd quarter of 2021 has reached a double digit growth rate. Swiss companies traditionally value Uruguay for its well-functioning infrastructure, stable environment and high-quality products.

LATCAM wishes the Ambassador a successful tenure and looks forward to a productive cooperation.

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