OECD Report: Latin American Economic Outlook 2020 (Digital Transformation for Building Back Better)

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Will Latin America take advantage of supply chain shifts? (The Economist Intelligence Unit Report, free download)

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ECLAC Special Report: The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on international trade and logistics

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OECD-Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Report 2020 on Latin America and the Caribbean


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Análisis de situación e impacto del coronavirus en América Latina y el Caribe CORONAVIRUS (ATREVIA)

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The World Bank – Global Economic Prospects

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Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2020 by SECO

The «Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2020» analyses the current economic situation in Latin America as well as the region’s economic relations with Switzerland with a special focus on trade and investment. It also outlines the institutional framework of Swiss-Latin American economic relations, recent official visits and presents the SECO engagement regarding the green economy.

2019 was a challenging year for Latin America with only minor economic growth, although very differently distributed among the countries with several out-performers. Swiss exports of goods to the region decreased by 3.4 percent, while imports grew by 5.2 percent, driven by gold.

During 2019, Switzerland and Latin America witnessed further progress in their economic relations. Several fruitful bilateral economic meetings took place and the negotiations between EFTA and Mercosur for a free trade agreement were concluded in substance. We hope that the document can be signed in the course of 2020.

Each year, the report features a special thematic chapter. This year’s special chapter illuminates the consequences of climate change for Latin America and the Caribbean and provides insights into efforts in the region towards a green economy. It is shown that investments into renewables and Cleantech can simultaneously promote growth and protect the environment.

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