Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2021 (SECO)

This key annual publication by SECO gives an excellent and synthetic overview of the economic situation of Latin America in 2020. It includes a comprehensive analysis of the informal economy, the interplay with the COVID-19 crisis and the policy responses to address this important issue. In addition, it provides detailed data on trade flows between Switzerland and Latin America in 2020, and illustrates 8 new investments by Swiss firms as well as the  progress on free trade.

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Building forward better: Action to strengthen the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (ECLAC/CEPAL)

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Social Panorama of Latin America (ECLAC / Cepal)

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Strengthening the recovery: the need for speed (OECD)

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Free competition in the post-pandemic digital era (ECLAC)

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ECA benchmark analysis – SERV among top performers

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Líderes empresariales analizan integración económica y oportunidades de nearshoring (BID)

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