Switzerland-Latin America: Economic Relations Report 2024 (SECO)

SECO has published the Switzerland – Latin America: Economic Relations Report 2024.

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LatAm Tax Insights by Mazars (March 2024)

We are pleased to present you with important tax insights for Latin America, which were put together by the LatAm team of our member Mazars. Particular emphasis is placed on Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

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Annual Report 2023 (IFC)

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More action needed to tackle disinformation and enhance transparency of online platforms (OECD)

As roughly half the world’s population prepares to vote in elections, a new OECD report offers the first baseline assessment of how OECD countries are upgrading their governance measures to support an environment where reliable information can thrive, prioritising freedom of expression and human rights, and sets out a policy framework for countries to address the global challenge of disinformation.

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Economic Survey of Mexico (OECD, Febr. 2024)

After a slow recovery from the pandemic, the Mexican economy has navigated well the global environment of tightening financial conditions and heightened uncertainty. Fiscal policy has a robust track record in attaining fiscal targets and keeping public debt low. Higher tax revenues would allow to maintain fiscal prudence and to address important spending needs in productivity enhancing areas, such as education, infrastructure, the digital and green transitions, and the fight against corruption and crime. Mexico has large potential to attract investment from companies looking to relocate their operations to North America. This is also a significant opportunity to spread the benefits of trade throughout the country and to create more and better value chain linkages. 

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IDB President’s Report 2023 (Dec. 2023)

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World Competitiveness Ranking 2023 (IMD)

IMD’s World Competitiveness Center’s latest report on global economic competitiveness gives leaders guidance for navigating a “fragmented” world

Denmark, Ireland and Switzerland have been named the top three among 64 economies measured for their global competitiveness in the 2023 IMD World Competitiveness Ranking, published today by the World Competitiveness Center for the 35th consecutive year.


Restoring growth – OECD Economic Outlook (November 2023)

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International Trade Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC/CEPAL, Nov. 2023)

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América Latina en movimiento: competencias y habilidades para la cuarta revolución Industrial en el contexto de pospandemia (IDB/BID, Oct. 2023)

La Cuarta Revolución Industrial ofrece una nueva oportunidad para enfrentar los desafíos de America Latina y el Caribe y lograr una región más inclusiva y justa. En particular, la adopción de tecnologías de la Industria 4.0 y el desarrollo de talentos digitales pueden contribuir al objetivo de aumentar la productividad, lograr una mayor integración regional, generar empleos de calidad, y reducir las brechas sociales y de género. Este documento busca entender el proceso de adopción tecnológica y las habilidades para el trabajo requeridas por las empresas en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia y México durante la pospandemia y analizar sus diferencias con las etapas de la pandemia y la pre-pandemia.

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