Expodireto Cotrijal – one of the biggest agro fairs in the world (March 6-10, 2023)

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AICC Gala evening invitation for Swiss-based LATCAM community (Geneva, March 10, 2023)


Dear Members, Partners and Friends,

As a member of the AICC (Association of International Chambers of Commerce in Switzerland), LATCAM is delighted to extend to you this invitation for our first-ever Gala evening, taking place at the Bãtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva. All 17 Chambers of Commerce of the AICC look forward to welcoming their 200+ guests in a festive environment that provides ample opportunity for business and personal networking.

Due to high demand, we recommend a timely registration. The best tables will be assigned to the chambers whose guests register first.

Please send your registration to latcam@latcam.ch and note the registration deadline. A final confirmation will be sent to you as soon as the participation fee has been paid.

Payment to LATCAM by bank transfer only:
Lateinamerikanische Handelskammer in der Schweiz
IBAN CH17 0483 5136 9244 4100 0
Credit Suisse, 8070 Zurich, Switzerland
Mention: AICC Gala23

This gala evening is a great opportunity to increase a company’s visibility by becoming a sponsor. In case of interest, please see the various sponsoring packages outlined here:

Platinum Sponsor: CHF 20’000
Main event sponsor
Logo displayed everywhere
Free table of 10 guests

Gold Sponsor: CHF 5000
(deadline 10th February)
Logo on photo wall, screen and advertising material
2 banners
3 free entries (CHF 540)
Short video presentation displayed in loop during the aperitif

Silver Sponsor: CHF 3000
(deadline 22nd February)
Logo on screen and advertising material
1 banner
2 free entries (CHF 360)

Bronze Sponsor: CHF 1500
(deadline 22nd February)
Logo on screen and advertising material
1 free entry (CHF 180)

Lottery Sponsor: high-quality prizes of a value superior to CHF 500
Logo on screen and advertising material






Annual Meeting Davos 2023: Cooperation in a Fragmented World (Jan. 16-20, 2023)

For complete overview of the Annual Meeting program and the possibility to watch sessions live or recorded, please go to LINK


Estimaciones de las tendencias comerciales América Latina y el Caribe 2023 (BID)

Estimaciones de las tendencias comerciales América Latina y el Caribe 2023 (BID). Para descargar y leer, haz clic en el siguiente enlace:


LATCAM Newsletter 3rd edition

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Meet the EFTA’s Free Trade Agreements Monitor

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AICC Conference and Business Networking Event in Geneva on November 8, 2022

The Association of International Chambers of Commerce (AICC), of which LATCAM is a member, cordially invites you to its next event on November 8, 2022, in Geneva.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Tatjana Gaspar, latcam@latcam.ch.

Currently, the following organizations are sponsoring this event:


EXPOLAT 2022 (November 3-6), Basle

Del 3 al 6 de noviembre, tendrá lugar en Basilea la EXPOLAT 2022. Se proyecta como un evento comercial y cultural, con el objetivo de acercar la diversidad de América Latina al público interesado en Suiza y regiones fronterizas de Alemania y Francia.

Para acceder a la información (varios idiomas) y ver la lista de expositores, haz clic en el siguiente LINK

Illicit Economic Activities in the Caribbean (Global Americans, 2022)

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Peru Service Summit (November 14-18, 2022)

Take part in Peru’s top business promotion platform, and the first of its kind in Latin America, for service trading.

To access the site and read the program, please click on this LINK