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Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2021 (SECO)

This key annual publication by SECO gives an excellent and synthetic overview of the economic situation of Latin America in 2020. It includes a comprehensive analysis of the informal economy, the interplay with the COVID-19 crisis and the policy responses to address this important issue. In addition, it provides detailed data on trade flows between […]

Webinar: Cleantech Industry in Chile (S-GE), May 5, 2021, 16.00-17.00

Responsible supply chains: the potential for Switzerland and Chile Chile has gained worldwide attention with its energy transformation: The South American country is rich in raw materials for a sustainable future and relies on a green growth strategy. Chile requires assistance with its supply chains in the fields of water, recycling and inherited waste clean-up, […]

Video meeting LATCAM – Swiss Chilean Chamber of Commerce (March 23, 2021)

The road to future cooperation   LATCAM was delighted to offer its Board members, for the third time, the opportunity for a dynamic virtual exchange with their peers of one of the bilateral Chambers of Commerce. Our discussion with the Board members of the Swiss-Chilean Chamber of Commerce (ScCC) was introduced by welcoming remarks from […]

Aussenwirtschaftsforum – Zurück zum Wachstum (S-GE)

Our partner Switzerland Global Enterprise is cordially inviting the Swiss export community to the next digital event “Internationales Geschäft in der neuen Normalität”. For more information on the program and registration, please click on the following LINK.

Consider a debt for vaccines program (Breakingviews)

This article has been sent to us by the co-author, William Rhodes, an esteemed opinion leader and friend of LATCAM. The other co-author, Dr. Cristina Valencia, is an epidemiologist and consultant with the World Health Organization (WHO). MARCH 9, 20214:13 PM Breakingviews – Guest view: Consider a debt for vaccines program By William Rhodes, Cristina Valencia NEW […]