Virtual Business Roundtable Agro.BR (Dec. 6-10, 2021)

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Agromining Convention (virtual), Peru, November 24-26, 2021

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VI Pódium Día Latinoamericano: Retos Empresariales (Oct. 15, 2021) @UNISG

Congratulations to our partners!!! The organizers Luis Vélez (Punto Latino) and Prof. Yvette Sánchez (UNISG) as well as her team of students hosted a successful and well-attended networking event. The audience in a nearly full auditorium and those connected by Zoom enjoyed a rich program with top speakers from Switzerland and overseas. All sessions were moderated by LAC Ambassadors who also jointly offered the subsequent delicious cocktail reception. LATCAM participated as member of the organizational committee and Dr. Philippe Nell, Honorary Ambassador of LATCAM, very competently summarized the main findings of the afternoon.

Program (en español): FLYER

Speakers list (en español): SpeakersList

Summary of the VI Podium written by Dr. Philippe Nell, Honorary Ambassador of LATCAM (in English): SUMMARY

from right to left: Luis Vélez (Punto Latino), Prof. Yvette Sánchez (UNISG), Dr. Philippe Nell (LATCAM), Gabriela Cortés (UNILI), Tatjana Gaspar (LATCAM)

Latest Reports from OECD on LatAm countries

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OECD Responsible Business Conduct Policy Reviews – Mexico: LINK

Supporting Due Diligence on the Production and Trade of Gold in Venezuela: LINK

Wirtschaftsbericht Peru 2020/21

The Swiss Embassy in Lima, Peru, sent us their Economic Report for 2020/21. To read the report in German, please click on the following LINK .