Federal Council sets future direction for foreign economic policy (Nov. 24, 2021)

November 24, 2021/by latcam_admin

Fighting bid rigging in the health sector in Peru (OECD)

November 23, 2021/by latcam_admin

How’s Life in Latin America? Measuring well-being for Policy Making (OECD)

October 28, 2021/by latcam_admin

Latest Reports from OECD on LatAm countries

October 5, 2021/by latcam_admin

Encuesta a firmas exportadoras de América Latina y el Caribe (BID / IDB)

October 5, 2021/by latcam_admin

Wirtschaftsbericht Peru 2020/21

October 2, 2021/by latcam_admin

Plan for self-sufficiency in health matters in Latin America and the Caribbean: lines of action and proposals (ECLAC)

September 24, 2021/by latcam_admin

Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

August 18, 2021/by latcam_admin

UN survey on LAC youth within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (ECLAC)

June 24, 2021/by latcam_admin

Closing digital gap could create15 mn jobs in LAC (IDB)

June 24, 2021/by latcam_admin

IDB President Claver-Carone Unveils New Vision, Mobilizes Support for Recapitalization

May 14, 2021/by latcam_admin

Revenue statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean 2021

May 6, 2021/by latcam_admin

Using trade to fight COVID-19 (OECD)

May 4, 2021/by latcam_admin

G2M-Promotional Industry Reports on Brazil (Switzerland Global Enterprise)

April 13, 2021/by latcam_admin

Anuario estadístico de América Latina y el Caribe 2020 (CEPAL / ECLAC)

April 1, 2021/by latcam_admin

Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2021 (SECO)

March 29, 2021/by latcam_admin

Building forward better: Action to strengthen the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (ECLAC/CEPAL)

March 17, 2021/by latcam_admin

Social Panorama of Latin America (ECLAC / Cepal)

March 11, 2021/by latcam_admin

Strengthening the recovery: the need for speed (OECD)

March 10, 2021/by latcam_admin

Free competition in the post-pandemic digital era (ECLAC)

March 2, 2021/by latcam_admin

ECA benchmark analysis – SERV among top performers

February 16, 2021/by latcam_admin

Failure to contain COVID jeopardises Latin America recovery (IMF)

February 14, 2021/by latcam_admin

Trazar desde el origen: facilitando el comercio regional con Blockchain (BID)

February 11, 2021/by latcam_admin

Líderes empresariales analizan integración económica y oportunidades de nearshoring (BID)

February 3, 2021/by latcam_admin

International Trade Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean 2020 (ECLAC/CEPAL)

January 26, 2021/by latcam_admin

Balance preliminar des las economías de LAC (CEPAL)

December 16, 2020/by latcam_admin

The Mobile Economy Latin America (

December 12, 2020/by latcam_admin

Getting goods across borders in times of COVID-19 (OECD)

December 1, 2020/by latcam_admin

Services Trade Cockpit 2020 (SECO Report)

November 25, 2020/by latcam_admin

Economic Survey for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

November 25, 2020/by latcam_admin

ECLAC reaffirms its focus on Sustainability and Equality

November 10, 2020/by latcam_admin

Launch of the OECD Centre on Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE), November 25, 2020

November 10, 2020/by latcam_admin

OECD Report: Latin American Economic Outlook 2020 (Digital Transformation for Building Back Better)

October 12, 2020/by latcam_admin

Will Latin America take advantage of supply chain shifts? (The Economist Intelligence Unit Report, free download)

September 2, 2020/by latcam_admin

ECLAC Special Report: The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on international trade and logistics

August 11, 2020/by latcam_admin

OECD-Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Report 2020 on Latin America and the Caribbean

August 9, 2020/by latcam_admin

Sectors and Businesses Facing COVID-19: Emergency and Reactivation (ECLAC / CEPAL)

July 8, 2020/by latcam_admin

Análisis de situación e impacto del coronavirus en América Latina y el Caribe CORONAVIRUS (ATREVIA)

June 21, 2020/by latcam_admin

The World Bank – Global Economic Prospects

June 10, 2020/by latcam_admin

Study on the Economic Impact of COVID-19 (ECLAC / CEPAL)

May 28, 2020/by latcam_admin

Análisis de situación e impacto del coronavirus en América Latina y el Caribe (ATREVIA)

May 20, 2020/by latcam_admin

Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2020 by SECO

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April 8, 2019/by latcam_admin

Switzerland – Latin America: Economic Relations Report 2019 by SECO

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