Video meeting LATCAM – Swiss Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (May 5, 2021)

The road to future cooperation


LATCAM is very appreciative to have had the opportunity to offer its Board members once again the platform for a productive virtual discussion with their peers of one of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce in Latin America.

Our meet & exchange with the Board members of the Swiss-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (SwissCam) was introduced by welcoming remarks from H.E. Andrea Semadeni, Ambassador of Switzerland to Brazil, who stressed the need to further expand the well-functioning partnership of our two Chambers in order to increase the business volume. Philippe Praz underscored the importance of this collaboration, while announcing that he will soon leave his post and take another assignment in China. Philip Schneider mentioned the critical moment for Brazil, when a number of new laws is being passed that could potentially improve the market conditions for Swiss companies. Frederico Turolla showed a short slide presentation giving an overlook of opportunities. In particular, the sectors infrastructure (e.g. sanitation, waste and water management), agriculture, services and consumption, but also cleantech, oil and gas and financial services present major opportunities for foreign investment in Brazil. Thomas Först  emphasized the necessity to keep the network strong by showing and sharing opportunities. The formal presentations from both sides were enriched by numerous discussion points from the participants.

On the Swiss side, participants included Ramon Esteve, President of LATCAM (ECOM Agroindustrial); Linda Walker von Graffenried, Vice-President of LATCAM (Walker von Graffenried Asset Management); Gabriela Lippe-Holst, Vice-President of LATCAM (Acqupart Holding); Manfred Ebling, Treasurer of LATCAM (Zurich Insurance); Carlos E. Represas, Board Member of LATCAM (Bombardier, former Nestlé); Markus Pölzl, Board Member of LATCAM (Bühler Group); Arturo Stöcklin, Board Member of LATCAM (Bank Vontobel); Andreas Berger, Board Member of LATCAM (Swiss Re); Philippe G. Nell, Honorary Ambassador of LATCAM; Tatjana Gaspar, Managing Director of LATCAM; Thomas Först, Martina Bietenhader and Hans Aebi (Switzerland Global Enterprise).

On the Brazilian side, participants included H.E. Andrea Semadeni, Swiss Ambassador to Brazil; Philippe Praz, Head of the Business Hub Brazil; Philip Schneider, President of SwissCam (Schneider, Pugliese, Sztokfisz, Figueiredo e Carvalho Advogados); Jürg Marbach (Atlas Schindler); Frederico Turolla (Pezco Economics); Pedro Varela (Nestlé); Angelo Colombo (Swiss Re); Wilson Monteiro and Fausto Almeida (ABB); Stefania Moeri Hertach, CEO of SwissCam.