LATCAM welcomes the new Ambassador of Argentina in Switzerland

Ramon Esteve, Linda Walker, Dr. Philippe G. Nell and Tatjana Gaspar held a video call with H.E. Ambassador Alberto Pedro d’Alotto from Argentina.

The purpose was to welcome the Ambassador to Switzerland, establish a first contact, present the Chamber with its stakeholders, business-related activities and overall reach.

Argentina is an important economic partner for Switzerland in Latin America, ranking third in exports (CHF 550 mn) for a total trade volume of CHF 1.5 bn and fourth in foreign direct investment (CHF 3.1 bn) with more than 11,000 people.

The institutional framework between both countries, including a Joint Economic Commission, was seen as a very good basis to further strengthen business relations.

The establishment of free trade relations through an EFTA-Mercosur agreement was strongly advocated by LATCAM as it would provide new opportunities to increase economic relations.

The new Ambassador of Argentina explained the ongoing Argentine governmental policy program, aimed at stabilizing the economy to foster development and to overcome current social inequalities.

LATCAM wishes the Ambassador a successful stay in Switzerland and looks forward to a fruitful cooperation.