LATCAM welcomes the new Ambassador of Costa Rica in Switzerland


Ramon Esteve, Dr. Philippe G. Nell and Tatjana Gaspar spoke in a video call with H.E. Ambassador Carlos Alonso Villalobos and Minister Alexander Peñaranda from the Embassy of Costa Rica.

The purpose was to officially welcome the Ambassador in our community, establish a personal contact, present the Chamber with its stakeholders, business-related activities and opportunities, but also to hear from the Ambassador about his views and plans in the near future.

Costa Rica became the 38th member of the OECD in May 2021. Steady growth, a green trademark and strong investment in education and social responsibility are the basis for its economy. For Switzerland, Costa Rica ist the 6th largest export market in Latin America and the largest in Central America (CHF 200 mn export volume), mostly goods from the pharmaceutical and medtech sectors as well as watches. Switzerland imports CHF 100 mn worth of goods from Costa Rica, mostly agricultural products, e.g. coffee. One of the greatest challenges for Costa Rica currently is the recovery of the tourism sector, which has suffered from the consequences of the pandemic.

LATCAM wishes the Ambassador a successful tenure and looks forward to a productive cooperation.