Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2021 (SECO)

This key annual publication by SECO gives an excellent and synthetic overview of the economic situation of Latin America in 2020. It includes a comprehensive analysis of the informal economy, the interplay with the COVID-19 crisis and the policy responses to address this important issue. In addition, it provides detailed data on trade flows between Switzerland and Latin America in 2020, and illustrates 8 new investments by Swiss firms as well as the  progress on free trade.

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Video meeting LATCAM – Swiss Chilean Chamber of Commerce (March 23, 2021)

The road to future cooperation


LATCAM was delighted to offer its Board members, for the third time, the opportunity for a dynamic virtual exchange with their peers of one of the bilateral Chambers of Commerce. Our discussion with the Board members of the Swiss-Chilean Chamber of Commerce (ScCC) was introduced by welcoming remarks from H.E. Arno Wicki, Ambassador of Switzerland to Chile, who underlined the role of teamwork as an essential factor allowing to maximize resources, especially in difficult times. He mentioned not only the 200 or so Swiss companies that are already established in Chile, but also the young Chilean companies that are increasingly seeking to set foot in Switzerland.

Linda Walker von Graffenried, Vice-President of LATCAM, mentioned some of the activities and future projects of our Chamber in 2021. Following her remarks, Susana Torres, President of SCCC, concluded the introductory statements with a brief summary of the situation in Chile and in particular the successes of the mining industry. Dr. Philippe Nell mentioned especially the great potential of cleantech for the value chains. Vanessa Motterle from the Swiss Business Hub in Santiago emphasized how, in partnership with Switzerland Global Enterprise, they support the business communities in Switzerland and Chile both ways.

On the Swiss side, the participants included Linda Walker von Graffenried, Walker von Graffenried Asset Management, LATCAM Vice President; Gabriela Lippe-Holst, Acqupart Holding, LATCAM Vice President; Tatjana Gaspar, LATCAM Managing Director; Carlos E. Represas, Bombardier (former Nestlé), LATCAM Board Member; Andreas Berger, Swiss Re, LATCAM Board Member; Markus Pölzl, Bühler Group, LATCAM Board Member; Philippe G. Nell, LATCAM Honorary Ambassador; Thomas Foerst, Switzerland Global Enterprise; Martina Bietenhader, Switzerland Global Enterprise.

On the Chilean side, the participants included H.E. Arno Wicki, Ambassador of Switzerland to Chile; Susana Torres, President of the SCCC; Constanza Cárdenas, Managing Director of the SCCC; Vanessa Motterle, Swiss Business Hub Chile; Gonzalo Rojas, Empresas B-Aron Conseil; Marcelo Schumacker, ABB; Germán Fischer, Geobrugg Andina; Max Spiess, Elton & Cía.; Andrés Costa, SGS; Leo Leiman, Nestlé.

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