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Latin America has maintained high levels of economic growth and financial resilience, attracting increased foreign investment and tourism and progressing towards poverty alleviation, while building a larger and more demanding middle class.

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Proexport provides business opportunities, clear information on requirements, strategies for expanding services and goods at an international level, participation in business fairs and assistance by experts for investors, exporters, and professionals that wish to come closer to their dreams.

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Free Trade Agreements

The aim of Switzerland’s free trade policy is the improvement of the framework conditions for economic relations with relevant economic partners. The objective is to provide Swiss companies with an unobstructed, stable and non-discriminatory market access in these countries compared to their main competitors. Foreign trade policy measures aiming at further opening export markets are of great importance and in accordance with the stabilization policy pursued by the Federal Council.

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Swiss Statistics and Indicators

This page offers a chronological overview of the SFOs press releases, publications and new results on this topic over the last twelve months; an alternative time-frame may be selected by using the filter «Date of publication».

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Mercosur or Mercosul is an economic and political agreement among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela; with Bolivia becoming an acceding member on 7 December 2012 to be ratified by member state legislatures.

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