Who are We

Latin American countries offer a wide range of attractive business opportunities. A large part of their huge economic potential is still untapped. Over the last century, Swiss business has developed a strong presence in Latin America. In turn, Latin American business is just about to discover Switzerland?s advantages as a market and a location in Europe. An extensive network of centuries-old family ties and personal bonds of friendship between Latin America and Switzerland and a wide range of longstanding close commercial, industrial and financial relations form a particularly favourable framework for further prosperous business between Latin America and Switzerland.

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland (Latcam) is a private, not-for-profit business organization, headquartered in Switzerland, committed to the promotion of economic relations between Latin America and Switzerland. Latcam has over 300 members — mainly large, midsize and small companies in a cross-section of industries in Switzerland and with interests or business operations in Latin America. The Chamber maintains close contact the with Swiss Federal Authorities and their agencies, Latin American Embassies in Switzerland and Swiss Embassies in Latin America as well as with Swiss chambers of commerce in Latin America.

The Chamber covers the whole of Latin America. Its main focus is on Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, with additional special attention to Mercosur, Chile and the Andean Pact. It provides programs and services to help you be more competitive and profitable. With its conferences, seminars and round-table talks featuring prominent personalities from Latin America and Switzerland, the Chamber has become the principal business information platform on Latin America and for Latin Americans in Switzerland.


Latcam’s mission is to serve the Swiss business community by providing the following:

  • Forum for exchange and discussion of knowledge and experience relating to Latin America

  • Platform for launching and sustaining initiatives targeting the development of economic relations between Switzerland and Latin America

  • Interlocutory to the Swiss Federal Authorities with regards to the situation and development of economic relations between Switzerland and Latin America

  • Landing stage for Latin American companies in Switzerland

  • Source of information on economic information and opportunities in Latin America through a monthly electronic publication


  • Program of activities with prominent speakers from Latin America and Switzerland on selected subjects

  • Personal meetings with members of Latin American governments

  • Definition and implementation of business agendas

  • First-hand information on Latin America relevant to your business

  • Networking opportunities with business professionals active in Latin America

  • Preferential fee for chamber events

  • Direct contact with Latin American Ambassadors during the Latcam event


Ramon M. Esteve
ECOM Agroindustrial

Linda Walker

Vice President
Gabriela Lippe-Holst
Acqupart Holding AG

Ernst von Mecklenburg

Sarah Höhener
Bank Julius Baer Co. Ltd.

Carlos E. Represas
Bombardier, Mexico

Markus Pölzl
Bühler Group

Daniel Clavijo
Credit Suisse Group

Dr. Richard A. Friedl

Sandra Righetti
Mercantil Bank (Schweiz)

Laurent Freixe
Nestlè SA

Dr. Jesús Acebillo
Novartis AG

Matthias Musch

Franz B. Kunz
Swiss Life

Rene Flunser
Zürcher Kantonalbank

Manfred A. Ebling
Zurich Insurance Company

Articles of Association

  • Statutes of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland (German).